A Wonderful Letter

I recently did the makeup for a new client for her birthday celebration here in Atlanta and she wrote me a letter that would make any beauty professional appreciate their job! I'm so humbled to have received this and I definitely will read this anytime I need encouragement!

Hi MiMi,
Thank you so very much for making me look "POSH, PRETTY" for my 40th birthday! I have never looked more beautiful, not even on my wedding day. Where were you then? ;) I guess my husband and I will have to remarry just to take pictures again. You are the epitome of professionalism and I am so happy that Tracee recommended you to me. I received so many compliments on how beautiful I looked and I have you to thank. There's a new standard in make-up and I would venture to say that not many if any can compare to your craft. You have an amazing gift coupled with a beautiful spirit. Thank you again for leaving an imprint on my heart and making lasting memories.
See you real soon!

Beauty Beat: Green Smokey Eyes

This past Friday, I was on my way to a really cool Natural hair meetup in Atlanta hosted by Curly Nikki and I decided to do a fun smokey eye look on myself. First of all, the event was awesome! So fun to meet some of my fellow natural hair bloggers and Nikki's baby girl is soo cute! :) Check out my video tutorial on how to achieve a smokey green eye as well as checking out some of the photos from the event. Have a POSH, PRETTY day!

Me and Nikki or Curly Nikki
Mae of Natural Chica and I

natural chicas unite

Coming to Miami!

So excited to be coming to one of my favorite cities....MIAMI!  I will be traveling with Laretta Houston and working there..plus a little fun. But if you need a makeup lesson or some beauty shots hit me up!

Katy Perry Shatter

Katy Perry is caliente right now, and so is her new line with OPI! OPI is so innovative and this is probably my favorite invention that they've done outside of suede and matter textures. Kat Perry's line includes fun glittery color shades in hues of lilac and blue. It also includes beautiful plum and  silver shades. The best part of the line is what I call the "Katy Perry Shatter", which is the black shatter color that actually shatters and cracks when spread over any dry nail polish. It created a really cool pattern and is easy to do yourself!

Also I learned that China Glaze has a version of this too. Maybe I'll pick both up and compare...In the meantime check out this video I found to give you a visual of how it works!

MAC Viva GaGa Glam

MAC did it again! Wonderful job on the newest Lady Gaga Viva Glam campaign. She looks absolutely goregeous in this photo! Observe the orange toned lips, lushes lashes, and liquid liner which are great for the spring/summer trends!

B-Shots: Beauty Unveiled Re-Up

Again I really dig the Indian cultural beauty and style! This was a shoot with a recent bride, showcasing Mia BelleZZa Cosmetics! Shot by Laretta Houston and styled by owner of Mia BelleZZa Rita Patel. Check it out! And Congrats Zohra!

B-Shots: A Day of Beauty

I did some beauty shots for several ladies this past week and I loved them so much I thought I'd share :)
I'm starting to really understand my makeup style: pretty, soft, sultry stuff. It's great to stand back and notice consistencies of things that come across in photos. That's how I access what works for me and what I need to work on. Enjoy! (photography by Laretta Houston)

Brow Beat: How To Fill In Brows

Hey everyone, I've been asked a few times about how to fill in brows while letting them look more natural. Well I did a video on how I fill in my brows. In this video I used the following:
1) Maybelline Brow Definer in medium brown
2) Concealer brush (or you can use angled brow brush)
3) MAC concealer in NC42 (use whatever shade concealer that you use under your eyes)

Check out the video and let me know what you think!

Have a POSH, PRETTY day!
-MiMi J.

Your V-Day Makeup Style

When it comes to Valentine's Day, its all about attracting that special person to your best features. Here are a few tips to draw them near:

Pucker up: Use a lipstick that won't kiss off easily. Also use a product that hydrates the lips. You want your lips to appear soft and kissable.

Eye Contact:  Draw them in with your eyes. Use hues that compliment your eye color. Also lightly rimming eyes with a grey or dark brown pencil may help to bring out your eye color.

Make Me Blush: Try a peachy or soft pink shade that will compliment your lip color.

Tempted to Touch: Soft, refreshed skin is the key. Shea butter is your friend. It doesn't leave a greasy residue, yet it gives off a nice sheen.

Brow Down: Don't go bold on the brows. Have them clean, but not dark and heavy.

Light As a Feather: You can add a little drama to the eyes or go for a bolder lip, but try not to overdo it. Avoid exaggerations and go lighter.

Bat Those Lashes: Not heavy, dramatic lashes,  but fun and flirty lashes with more emphasis on outer corners.

Try one of these V-Day Looks:
Romantic: pastel shimmers in eyes, rosy/peach cheeks, pink/peach lips

Seductive: Rimmed eyes, red lips

Sultry: smokey eyes, glossed lips

Beauty Behind the Beat: Dondria

Photo credits: photographer Laretta Houston, makeup MiMi J, Hair Bridgette Griffin, wardrobe Hayden David

Hey everyone, I got the chance to catch up with So So Def recording artist Dondria before she headed back to Dallas to find her new band. Check out the interview as well as some of the photos from our photoshoot! Doesn't she look fabulous?!

Also you can find her on twitter @Dondria. Watch out for her new mixtape as well!

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