Product Review: KIM Brushes

An artist has to have the right tools to perfect their canvas, right?! Well I found out about a new makeup brush line that I really like called KIM Brushes

Kim Brushes is the new makeup brush line from the storied fine art brushmaker Rekab. They produce high quality brushes sold individually as well as in covenient brush sets! The brushes are made with both natural and synthetics fibers. Best of all, the prices are reasonable! I've gotten my hands on a few of my brush faves and tested them out: small angled brush, foundation brush, and lip brush. Here's my take on them:

The small angle brush (131): This is one of my top picks for brushes because I rely on this brush for perfecting eyebrows and for liquid and cream eyeliner application. I really like this one produced by kim because of the long professional handle, and it produces a precise fine line. $10.00

foundation brush (F231): This was was really nice because it wasn't too thick and as you reach the tip the brush hairs get thinner, which allows for smoother application. It was really soft as well! $22.00

lip brush (311): The lip brushes actually come in 3 sizes and I have the larger of the 3, but I was able to do create perfect red lip using this brush. I like that its flat and not oversized, though opting to use the 312 will help to get an even more exact application. $9.00

Overall, I really think these brushes are a great value for the price and are brushes I'm keeping in my kit. Try them out for yourself! Perhaps you'll be seeing more of KIM Brushes with me...stay tuned! :)

MiMi's Favorite Things: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick #15

Though I don't wear lipstick all of the time, I have fallen in love with the YSL Rouge Volupte line! They glide right on and don't dry out your lips, while providing great color payoff! If you're looking for a nice burnt orange color, which by the way is still hot for the fall, check out #15!

Autumn Beauty Class in Atlanta

I have a fun makeup class coming up this month in partnership with Big Girl Cosmetics on Monday, August 22! It will be held at my P3 Lab Studio from 7pm-9pm and is sure to be a great time. I will be going over color/makeup trends for the upcoming Falls season as well as the some techniques and product suggestions to assist with achieving these looks. Check out the class if you are in the Atlanta area, I'd love to meet ya!

Makeup for Photography: Natural, Pretty Looks

Photography by Laretta Houston, Hair by Zara Green
I've learned time after time that I enjoy doing natural, pretty looks the most when doing makeup! Though I appreciate artist looks with bold colors and creative face art, I love to bring out the natural beauty in a person  and enhance the great features they already have.

As a makeup artist you have to have the right balance of colors and lighter application when trying to achieve this look. The small details matter the most with minimal makeup and especially the foundation match and correcting flaws. Take a look at a few shots of my makeup on a model before the photos were taken and edited to get an idea of how different makeup looks on and off the camera.
Photo by Laretta Houston, hair by Zara Green, makeup by MiMi J

MiMi's Favorite Things: WonderBrow Gel

I ran across this product in a salon and tested it out on myself and fell in love! They are brow gels, manufactured by a private label manufacturer called Colorlab, that can match just about any brow tint. It tints the brow and keeps the hairs in place! I apply it with a small angled brush and the results are so great! I personally have beein using the "Halle" gel. Check out a new eye brow tutorial video I made where I'm using this product.

Beauty Behind the Beat: DJ Princess Cut

Anyone who knows me personally, knows a hidden passion of mine is to be a DJ :) I've always been intrigued by music and how the DJ can take the crown on a musical journey and save the night! Well I got the chance to meet one of Atlanta's coolest, up-and-coming DJs, DJ Princess Cut! This lady is very talented and down to earth. Check out my video interview with her as well as a few shots by Rob McGlon! Video was also shot by a friend and dope visual artist CP!

Photo by Robert McGlon

MiMi's Favorite Things: NARS Albatross Powder

I have to admit that I have an addition with glowing skin! In order to achieve that look I have to use a highlighter that gives off the perfect glow. Well here's one that does: NARS "Albatross" highlighting powder. My friend first introduced me to it and then I saw Kim Kardashian's makeup artist using it as well. Swipe this above right above your cheeks to get your glow on!

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