Mommy Makeup 101

So a friend of mine started an awesome blog called Mommies Goodies and I was asked to be a contributor and beauty correspondent. Sweet! I was planning on doing some postings for moms as I'm often asked for that type of content. Here's a snippet of my first blog on the site:

Makeup Essentials for Mommies

By: MiMi J., MommiesGoodies Beauty Lifeline and Contributor

Makeup Essentials for Mommies: Brand Suggestions

So you have little ones and time for yourself has drastically decreased. Well that doesn’t mean you have to lose your natural mommy glow!
Though I could spend hours writing about makeup techniques and products, I thought I’d give my quick must-have list for moms on the go who still want to add a little “glam factor” to their look.
I’ll give you some cost-effective, time-saving and practical tips to get the look you want even on the go!
So…let’s go!

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MAC Lightfully Bright

I just love the MAC ads! So inspiring and I really love this one for the new "Lightfully Bright" collection. The glasses are bananas!  I also love the color choices for the lipglasses and can't wait to try them. Check them out.

Emancipation of MiMi Video

For those of you who missed my celebration this past month, here's a video with some footage and some extras! Special thanks to Demi of Pure Artistic Studios for putting this together!

Also special shout outs to Urban Suite Ent, Cocktail Cupcakes, Mingles Lounge and Candy Couture for helping to make this event happen!

Body Splash: Nicki's V Cover

The tribal body paint as well as the hot pink lip are seen again here in Nicki Minaj's latest spread for V Magazine. The tribal body paint made a statement last year on the runway as well as the Victoria Secret Fashion show so I like that they kept that alive for this. I also love the color choices for the tribal paint. Very nice!

True You Cosmetics: Iconic Lip Collection

I got the chance to try out a new lip product by emerging cosmetic line True You Cosmetics this past week. I love the concept behind the Iconic Lip Collection, which is inspiration behind classic Hollywood beauties like Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Ava Gardner, and Lena Horne. I liked the cremy texture as it kept my lips moisturized while giving off a pop of color. I liked the color palettes as well as they are very convenient. You can find these products in Sears as well as their site, Check it out as they have a 15% off promo on their site!


Owner Jessica Truesdale

Chosen In Top 5 of Top 40 Best Makeup Artist Blogs

I am so honored to have made the top 5 list amongst so many other great makeup artist!!! 

40 Best Makeup Artist Blogs

A talented makeup artist can transform a person into someone or something completely different, whether it’s for beauty, costume or just for the sake of art. Their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, particularly in the movie industry, where the best are honored with awards such as the Academy Award for Makeup. Like with any form of art, it takes quite a bit of studying and practice to master the craft. The 40 makeup artist blogs listed below provide an abundance of information for those looking to enter the profession or just cultivate a challenging hobby.

Celebrity Makeup Artists
These makeup artists have achieved rewarding careers in the movie and fashion industries because of their unique talents.
  1. Kandee Johnson: Kandee is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked for CBS, ABC, CNN, MTV and VH1. She spends her spare time sharing makeup tricks on her blog — her YouTube videos have garnered almost 60 million views.
  2. Elke Von Freudenberg: With 20 years of experience as a top celeb and editorial makeup artist, Elke has plenty of wisdom to dispense.
  3. makeup by Mario Dedivanovic: Mario’s impressive list of celeb clients includes Kim Kardashian, Eliza Dushku and Amanda Bynes, and his work has appeared in magazines such as Glamour, Teen Vogue and People.
  4. The Makeup Blogger: Christina discusses new looks and shares her on-set experiences.
  5. MiMi J.: Mimi J. looks at life as a makeup artist, providing behind-the-scenes footage of photoshoots and step-by-step tutorials.


Beauty Behind the Beat: D. Woods

Photographer Laretta Houston, Makeup MiMi J, Hair Bridgette Griffin, Wardrobe Rafael Cox, Nails Terrence Terry

For those of you that are wondering what is happening with D. Woods formerly of Danity Kane, I've got the scoop and had to chance to glam her up for some hot new photos! They even made Sandra Rose's blog! Check out the photos of D. Woods as well as the video interview. Also you can find D Woods and download her latest mixtape here:

Eye Candy: Blue Hues

Here's the eye makeup that I did for my "Emancipation of MiMi" photo. Also for all of those who came out to support me at my event, THANK YOU!!! :)


Products Used:

Eye Shadows:
Smashbox Cabernet; Mia BelleZZa Polychromatic, Mia BelleZZa Naughty Blue (wet),  MAC Rice Paper and Carbon Black, L'Oreal HIP Electrified

Eye Liner:
Smashbox Cremeliner in Black

Beauty Behind The Beat: DJ Traci Steele

Photo: Laretta Houston, Mua: MiMi J, Hair: Bridgette Griffin, Wardrobe: Sicely Harris

Hey everyone! Check out a very cool Celebrity DJ and Radio Personality, DJ Traci Steele. We got a chance to chat about her happenings, how she got her start and more. Check out the photos of Traci as well as the video interview. Also you can find Traci here: 

Wheel of Color

Finding the right colors for eyeshadow and lipstick are always questions that arise when I'm asked by clients for recommendations. It's a simple course of color theory. When I first started doing makeup, I kept a color wheel in my makeup bag and pulled it out when i was unsure of what would make the eye pop, or would would tone the colors down..etc. While shopping in Ulta the other day I noticed that Stila has a few eyeshadow palettes that are presented in a color wheel. How convenient!

Eye Candy: Smoked Out

Ok I am a bit obsessed with smokey eyes, but I liked this combination that I did on a model recently so thought I'd share.

Products Used:

Eye Shadows:
Smashbox Cabernet; Urban Decay Peace, MAC Rice Paper and Carbon Black, L'Oreal HIP Electrified

Eye Liner:
Smashbox Cremeliner in Black

MAC Springsheen

MAC Half-Red Lip Liner
L'Oreal HIP Spendid lipcolor

If you'd like for me to do a tutorial on this one, let me know! :) BTW, she sort of looks like Lindsay Lohan, huh?

Minx for Lips?!

You may have seen Keyshia Coles rocking her leopard pair of temporary lip tattoos on BET recently. I want to try a pair just to see how they feel! Violent Lips is one of the makers of this new product. Their site is not up yet but you can find them on twitter:

What do you think of this new craze? Hit or miss?

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