Stone Savant Jewelry Lookbook Shoot

photo by James Anthony
A little while ago, I had the pleasure of making up a model for an emerging jewelry line's lookbook, Stone Savant Jewelry . For those of you who know me or follow my work know that I'm a sucker for glowing, dewy skin so this was right up my alley! A little loose bronzer and Mac strobe cream can go a long way :) Check out some of the behind the scenes photos as well as the final pics.

makeup artist MiMi J, model Erica, owner Danielle Hinton

Muah! Miss Piggy Mac Collection

I had to post this because I've always loved Miss Piggy :) I'm a child at heart. MAC has a winter collection that includes a cute "Miss Piggy Pink" eyeshadow, black liquid eyeliner, and luscious lashes appropriately picked to remind you of our favorite glamorous Muppet. My opinion, they should have put a cute pink blush in there!

My Top 10 Tips for Natural Beauty

As most of you know I co-hosted a wonderful event called "Naturally Pretty" in Atlanta where we focused on educating women on ways to embrace their natural beauty. This included natural hair care, skin care, nail care, and makeup application. I came up with my top 10 tips for our pamphlet that we created and wanted to share them with those who weren't in town to attend. Enjoy!

1. Drink plenty of water and try adding lemon to clarify skin and help to flush toxins.
2. Always remove makeup before going to bed and wash your pillowcase often.
3. You are what you eat, so eat healthy - Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, plums, walnuts, whole wheat, salmon, and tuna to name a few. Also try avoiding a lot of fried foods and by all means don't smoke!
4.Beauty sleep. Getting the proper rest helps to alleviate looking tired and puffiness around the eyes.
5. Develop a good skincare regime. Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and protect with sunblock.
6. Add a youthful touch with a peach or rosy blush.
7. Eye essentuals. Adding mascara gives any natural look a boost. To accentuate even further, try a dark brown or black liner as well.
8. To achieve a pretty pout, be sure to stay hydrated and try a lip colorthat compliments your cheek color. Also it helps to use lip products with vitamin e and even green tea extract.
9. If you don't want a full coverage face, try using a mineral powder or a tinted moisturizer paired with a foundation primer as your base.
10. A good highlighting powder or cream gives off an instant glow when applied above your cheeks.

Have a POSH, PRETTY day!! -MiMi J.

I'm Inspired: Makeup Artist Sam Fine

Yesterday, Marian at Haute Travels put together a wonder class and mixer with the great Sam Fine! There was no way that I was going to miss this one!

Sam Fine is one of the best makeup artist and has touched the faces of so many celebrities such as Iman, Tyra Banks, Patti Labelle, Gabrielle Union, Vanessa Williams, Monique, Jennifer Hudson, and the list goes on.

During the class, Sam took the time to answer questions from the audience as well as a give a live demonstration of how he applies makeup to a women of color. I took notes during the class and my video below highlights some of the things I took away from his class. Also check out some of the photos I took during the event.

Mattieologie, Talking with Tami, Haute Travels, Sam Fine, Natural Chica

Naturally Pretty Event Update

I have exciting news....Miss Jessie's Originals has become the official title sponsor for our first Naturally Pretty event in Atlanta! I'm so uber excited about this and they are providing some great goodies for the event!

Other product sponsors include:

Music provided by DJ Princess Cut

If you are in Atlanta, or close to Atlanta, make sure to register for this awesome beauty event!

Register here:

I'm Inspired: Photographer Angela Marklew

This inspiration installment features a wonderful photographer that I met in LA, Angela Marklew! Her work is amazing and I know she's going to go far. I got a chance to speak with her about her start in photography, how she chooses her creative team, as well as her aspirations. I even got the chance to work with her on an impromptu shoot! :) Check out some of those photos from our shoot as well as my interview with Angela.

Autumn Beauty Brunch Recap

The Panel (MiMi J, LaToicha of Luxe Tips, Ren of Makeup by RenRen, Bret of Webdevils, Mattie of Mattieologie, Mae of Natural Chica)
I'm happy to say that I had another successful beauty brunch with an amazing group of people. I indeed learned from this one, especially about SEO and Wordpress from panelist Bret Phillips. Check out some helpful links and advice I got from Bret to assist with understanding SEO and blogging tips.
- great site about coverting traffic into sales and leads, Derek is
one of the smartest people doing the blog thing right now, pay
attention to what he says :)
- Thesis is a WordPress theme framework, but their blog that I've
linked always has amazing information in regard to running your own
blog and doing it right
- one of the forrunners in the blogging world.  He puts out a TON of
content, but go through his Categories(Bloggering, human business,
social media, etc) and you'll find crazy amounts of helpful content.
Definitely check out
- she now has a lot of guest posts on her site, but the content is
still great. She's basically the 'social media' queen.
- another blogger powerhouse with a crazy amount of content and
resources for bloggers. CHECK THE Categories
- more blogging goodness, more content than you can shake a stick at

I recommend using something like Google Reader or some other RSS feed
reader, add all these sites to it, then you can check them all in the
same place.

Also remember, if you do not have Analytics installed on your site, be
it Google or any other kind of traffic reporting, you are missing out
on a wealth of information about your readers.

Great stuff right?!!

Also check out some of the collected photos from the brunch (compliments of BabyShopaholic and MUA Monica Eung) as well as a video done by makeup artist/blogger Beauty Bott.

Atlanta Beauty Event: Naturally Pretty

MiMi J and Natural Chica at P3 Lab
2 years ago, when Carol's Daughter opened their store in Atlanta, I went to meet and interview owner Lisa Price for my blog. While interviewing Lisa I met this girl named Mae with a cute tiny afro and pretty skin who was interviewing her too. Fast forward to 2011, I ran into Mae again, whose hair is now huge and gorgeous, at a Curly Nikki meetup. Once I got home, I went back to her blog, and saw that her audience has quadrupled! I said to myself, "I've got to do something with her!" Then the light bulb came on. I contacted her about collaborating on an event, and the rest is history....

Maeling Tapp, of, and myself are pleased to present Naturally Pretty: The Fusion of Natural Hair and Beauty this Fall in Atlanta, GA. Naturally Pretty will platform various Atlanta beauty professionals and celebrate the fusion of skincare, makeup, natural hair, art, and music while benefiting the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children.

Naturally Pretty will be held in a beautiful art gallery forum located in the Defoor Centre on October, 27, 2011 at 7pm. The event will evoke energy and artistry while igniting each of the five senses with each step invited guests take. Industry leaders in cosmetics, skincare, and natural hair care will convene collaboratively to educate and inform event goers of how to bring out their natural beauty through complimentary consultations and live beauty demonstrations. Aside from the wall-to-wall beauty installations, invited guests will enjoy live musical performances, celebrity guest appearances, prize giveaways, and light fare. In efforts to give back to women who need to rebuild their self-esteem and assist them in finding their inner/outer beauty, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children in downtown Atlanta.

Confirmed participates are Robin Groover of Too Groovy and Sutera Hair Spa, Yolanda Owens of Iwi Fresh and Pampered Nail and Spa, Nails by Jayh, P3 Lab, and celebrity makeup artists Jeremy Dell and Alexandra Butler.

Be one of the first 100 to register and you'll get a giftbag full of goodies!! Hope to see you there!

Autumn Beauty Brunch: Viral Beauty

You MUST register no LATER than FRIDAY, September, 30. Limited seats!

Yes beautiful people, it's time for my next Beauty Brunch in Atlanta! Once again I'm excited because I have another wonderful panel! The theme of this Beauty Brunch is Viral Beauty, focusing on blogging, vlogging, and SEO practices. So if you are beauty pro, a blogger, or entrepreneur of any professional, this will be very beneficial for you! Check out the wonderful panelists:

Mattie James of Mattieologie

Web Developer/SEO Expert Bret Phillips

Mae from Natural Chica

Latoicha of Luxe Tips

I'm Inspired: Photographer Celeste Canino

Photographer Celeste Canino and Makeup Artist MiMi J

I recently took a trip to the west coast and I wanted to make sure that I got with some awesome folks whose work inspires me. While I was preparing for my visit, I was browsing through some photos online from LA photographers. Of course when you find an awesome photo, you have to find out who shot it right?!

Well my first photographer feature of "I'm Inspired" is of celebrity photographer Celeste Canino. Celeste hails from sunny Los Angeles, CA and her amazing group shots have been seen on various ads such as Planet Hollywood, American Apparel, and Windsor. She even got to be the featured photographer on this season's premiere of America's Next Top Model and shot all of the collateral for the show! How awesome is that?!

I caught up with Celeste during my trip to LA at Universal City Walk. Check out the interview I had with Celeste and check out! PS. you may see us collaborate in the near future! (*wink*)

Beauty Behind the Beat: Algebra Blessett

Photography: Laretta Houston, Makeup: MiMi J, Hair: Terrell Smith/Tracee Anderson (asst), Wardrobe Garmai Momolu   
When working with celebrities and music artists, sometimes you never know what to expect! Will it be a demanding diva who wants the world of you? Or will it be someone inspirational who turns you into a fan in 2.5 nanoseconds? Thankfully, singer/songwriter Algebra Blessett was the latter. As I arrived on set of her photoshoot in Atlanta, I was welcomed by this lovely southern songbird's beautiful smile and matching personality. You may have heard her angelic voice on Anthony David's latest single Forever More, but Algebra is no stranger to the music scene. She's worked with artists such as Monica, Bilal, India Arie, and released her debut album "Purpose" in 2008 which stayed on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart for 14 weeks.  I got the chance to sit down and talk to her about her latest project and music career. Check out my interview with Algebra and behind the scenes footage of her photoshoot with Laretta Houston.

I'm Inspired: Makeup Artist Stephen Moleski

As I mature in my career as a makeup artist, I love to find inspiration in other successful entrepreneurs and artists. It's very motivating and encouraging to see that someone has paved a way and is living out their dreams.

Well my first feature of "I'm Inspired" is of celebrity makeup artist Stephen Moleski. Stephen hails from Atlanta, GA and his brushes have touched the faces of celebs like Kim Kardashian, Mel B., and Nicole Scherzinger. He's had television appearances on "Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “E! News,” “Girls Next Door,” “Extra” and “The Insider”. His work has also been published in Vanity Fair, People, Details, FHM, Radar, Maxim, Playboy,  and Women's Health.

I caught up with Stephen in Atlanta at a beauty mixer event to promote his new eyelash line called Smoke and Mirrors Beauty. Check out the interview I had with Stephen and check out!

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