Summer Beauty Brunch Recap

This event turned out to be so nice and I truly enjoyed the panel discussion! We talked about the following things:
1) Your image -business etiquette and professionalism
2) TV/Film industry impacts from the economy shift
3) Personal tips and stories on being a beauty professional
4) SEO tips and ways to brand yourself through marketing collateral and social media
5) Definition of beauty - inside and out

A Special thanks to my wonderful panelists and attendees who made this event so wonderful! Be sure to check out the Fall Beauty Brunch coming in late September/early October.

Also check out the footage from one of our panelists Alexandra Bond:

MUA Alexandra Bond, TV Producer Evelyn Mims, Fashion Director Courtney Hammonds, MUA MiMi J, Graphic/Web Designer Karin Lang, MUA Synthe

How To Become a Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist can be such a fun, rewarding career! It's so exciting to see your work posted in a major magazine, or to have someone so elated that you made them look so beautiful! There's also the excitement of doing a celebrity or behind the scenes of a runway show! So how do you become a makeup artist? Here are a few tips to help you with your journey:

1) Decide what type of makeup artist you want to become. There's so many directions for a makeup artist to go and the techniques and types of makeup required are very different. Sometimes it takes experience and time to really narrow this down but it's great to start with an idea. Here are some of the types: bridal, celebrity, television, film, theatre, fashion, body and face painting.

2) Build your artistry skills. This is extremely important because this is what is going to have people trust you and call you back for jobs. There are several ways to become a very skilled makeup artist. You can teach yourself through makeup books from famous makeup artists like Kevin Aucoin or Scott Barnes. You can also find your favorite artists on youtube and practice techniques on yourself and friends. There are some good makeup schools like the Makeup Designatory in New York and Los Angeles or less lessons from established makeup artists. You could start at a cosmetic counter and gain experience and product knowledge. Lastly you could assist a makeup artist that does great work.

3) Build your portfolio. Offer your services for trade with photographer who produce good work. In the beginning you may have to pay for the quality that you want if you are not getting to work with quality photographers. Seek every opportunity to build a great portfolio.

4) Market yourself. Be consistent with your marketing materials. The design of how your marketing material looks is very key as well. Make sure to make business cards, set up a site an/or a blog, and use social media networks such as facebook and twitter. You can have awesome work but if no one ever sees it, they will never know your talent.

5) Be professional. Always present yourself in a professional manner. The moment you walk out of the door you are promoting yourself starting with your appearance. Always be punctual and considerate of other's times. Be courteous and tactful with the people that you encounter as well. Remember that you are trying to build a good name for yourself.

6) Network, Network, Network. I can't begin to stress how important this is. Opportunities usually don't fall into your lap so so you have to seek them and reach out to the right people. Building healthy relationships with photographers, fellow makeup artists, hair stylists, model agencies, magazine editors and so far are very beneficial to advancing your career.

Check out this video and here a little bit of my story in becoming a makeup artist!

Summer Beauty Brunch Panelists Announced!

So excited to announce the panelists for my upcoming Beauty Brunch!

Evelyn Mims - Producer (Atlanta & Co.)
Karin Lang - Branding and Graphics Specialist (Prospect Images)
Alexandra Butler - Professional Makeup Artist
Courtney Hammonds - Fashion Director (Art Institute of Atlanta)

Register at the link below:

Check out this video!

Nfinity Campaign Shoot

Ok, this post is very overdue. I actually did this ad campaign earlier in the year...BUT I feel like posting it anyway :)

I was the makeup artist for a very fun ad campaign shoot for Nfinity, a women's athletic shoe company. It was probably the best 8 hour shoot I've been on, and for any makeup artist that's worked an all day shoot will know how tiresome it can be! But this was one so organized and laid back! I had to do 1 look on 4 models and maintain the looks throughout the shoot. I haven't gotten to see all of the photos yet but check out some of the behind the scenes footage and a few of the final shots.

photo: Laretta Houston

Photo: Laretta Houston

Summer Beauty Brunch

Hey everyone! I had such a great Spring Beauty Brunch that I decided to do another one for the summer in Atlanta! Eat a delicious brunch, engage in a great panel discussion, and network with other beauty professionals and enthusiasts.

We had a wonderful panel discussion last time on to start a cosmetic company, how to get started as a freelance hair/makeup artist, best practices, and breaking into the fashion industry.

I have another wonderful panel I'm lining up for the next one so stay tuned and be sure to register at!

Here are a few photos from the last event:
Spring Brunch Panelist: Rita Patel of Mia Bellezza Cosmetics, Photographer Laretta Houston, Makeup Artist MiMi J, Makeup Artist Pat Segers, Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist Scoobie West, and Publicist Janelle Langford

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