Counter Chic Event

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine stopped by my counter and asked for my help with makeup and skin care tips for the summer time. She brought in her makeup bag and everything! I then evaluated her bag and suggested some things that she may like and what she should replace. I even gave her a quick makeover and she absolutely loved it! I thought to myself that this process was great and it would make a great and fun event. So voila.......I created one!

Last week I hosted a "Counter Chic" event at my counter where I met bloggers, beauty enthusiasts, and ladies who just wanted some new beauty advice. I went through the importance of skincare treatments, how to keep skin refreshments, summer color palettes, and product recommendations. One of the event-goers actually posted a blog about it! Check it out in the below link and stay tuned for other events coming soon!


MIA in the MIA!

Yessssssss! I'm coming back to one of my FAVORITE cities with Photographer Laretta Houston! So be sure to check us out if you're in the Miami area in July!  Check out some of the beach shots from our last trip!

Becoming A Bridal Makeup Artist

I often ponder on my direction that I want to take as a makeup artist and the steps I take to get there. Though I love doing photo shoots, occasional celebrities, and teaching classes....I really love doing bridal! I will say that it takes a lot of patience and a calming, easy-going type of personality to be a successful bridal artist (aside from doing a great makeup job of course!). A lot of times brides are highly stressed, there's a lot going on before the wedding, and their makeup application should be their zen moment. I'm blessed to say that I haven't had a real "bridezilla" moment, but I think a lot of that is because of how I approach the brides and their party and the makeup that I do for them.

For those thinking of becoming a bridal makeup artist, here are somethings to think about:
1) Can you work in a stressful environment? Sometimes you can become the stress reliever during these special moments
2) Always do a bridal trial first. This eliminates the uncertainty and anxiety of knowing what the bride is wanting.
3) Have a clear and concise bridal contract and enforce it. Be clear about prices, when deposits and balances are due, time and location.....etc
4) Stay up on the bridal trends and how to achieve long lasting makeup looks. A bride's number 1 concern is having her makeup last throughout the day and touching it up. 
5) How will you market yourself? Will you do advertising in bridal magazines or bridal shows? Or are you networking with wedding vendors?
6) Make sure your pricing is comparable to your level of service as well as the market that you work in. Every bride has different needs, so try to make sure you are getting what you are worth yet it works for your bride.

Check out some of the beautiful brides I've had the pleasure of working with!

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