Vintage Beauty: My First Major Beauty Editorial

I'm soooooo super excited to be able to buy a copy of my first major beauty editorial in Runway Magazine (yes the mag was featured in the best-selling novel The Devil Wears Prada). This shoot was so much fun and I worked with an awesome team! Check out the editorial and behind the scenes video footage. Also pick up your copy at any Target, Walgreens, or Barnes and Noble!

Beauty Breeze Chat: Week 3

Here's the recap from Week 3 - "Down the Aisle" :

Q1) What is the best foundation that you've tried over the counter? Feedback on this question was: Revlon color stay liquid foundation, I set it with Black Opal deluxe finishing powder in medium; I find that the L'Oreal's True Match works pretty well as far as skin tone matching; Hands down MAC Studio Tech. Bare escentuals. I do have the MAC mineral powder in my kit, but the foundation for coverage, not a huge fan. Not a huge fan of powder minerals on women of color.

Q2) What is your favorite over the counter mascara? Feedback on this question was: I love L'Oreal's Voluminous in Carbon Black; Maybelline Lash Stilletto;  Rimmel's Sexy Curves or Maybelline's Great Lash; In terms of dept store brands, I ride with Lancome Defincils Pro, drugstore Voluminous by L'Oreal. 

Q3) What are some over the counter products that were a disaster? Feedback on this question was: I left my liquid liner 1 time and got a NYC liquid liner.. total disaster!; Very imp to close liquid liner tightly, cutting costs I opted for Dove facial wipes instead of MAC...broke out. 

Q4) What are you some of your favorite eye colors over the counter? Feedback on this question was: I love NYX loose pearl pigments. Awesome and cheap.; I also started using nyx cosmetics big pencils as shadow base; ; A secret, I use Loreal HIP Electrified in the inner corner of the eye and its perfect.

Q5) What beauty item cannot be replaced with an OTC item? What is amust-splurgeitem in your kit? Feedback on this question was: In the summer, I love Laura Mercier primer and tinted moisturizer.; I also just splurged on Urban Decay 411 anniversary pencil set from Ulta! I love their shadows, pencils; My Smashbox Oil Free Primer. Most splurge item is ever year, I buy the MAC Holiday Kits; Bobbi Brown concealers are awesome, some of the best.

Beauty Breeze Chat: Week 2

Here's a recap from Week 2 -"The Inner Artist":

 Q1) How would you describe your style or your signature look? What do you think sets you a part from others? Feedback on the first question was: Laid back, haute, chic, I usually look for unique or custom made pieces; Classic electric, simple sexy; My style is simplistic chic. I've been experimenting with color in makeup lately though; My style is exotic signature look is a smoky eye and bright red lips. My tattoos set me aside from everyone else; My makeup style is super clean and precise, I tend to lean towards structure.

Q2) Who are some of your style icons? Who inspires you artistically? Feedback on the second question was: Anna Della Russo; I inspire myself, my thoughts, my creativity all comes from me; Corinne Rae Bailey, I love her effortless style - All time favorite, Diana Ross; my signature style is carefree with a bit of edginess and I always find a way to infuse some bright bold color to make it fun; Don't judge me but I promise it is Michelle Obama and on my down time probably someone like Pink; I'd have to say for thecelebrity" list Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna also; Also the vintage screen icons from the 30s up, I buy a lot of bio reference books on vintage personalities; I found a lot of beautiful ladies that has the same passion as me; I messed up plenty of my mom's fashion fair lipstick as a kid! Lol, I fell in love with the red lips because my mom used to always apply it on herself and I adore her; Kim K, Rihanna, JLO, Beyonce, Dita Von Tess to name a few; I also love Nia Long's look. Always flawless.

Q3) How do you handle a client/photographer who doesn't seem to listen or take to your creative advice or vision?! Feedback on the third question was: If it is a paid job we just have to do what the client wants etc.; If it is a collaboration, then I find a midway where everyone is happy or just seriously say no way; You must find the balance between protecting integrity of your craft and the client's vision; It is best to tactfully speak up; You have to know where to stand firm and when to yield or compromise. Patience is always an asset.

Q4)  What do you love the most about what you do? What drives you? Feedback on the fourth question was: I love the freedom I have, love playing with products, mostly I love the reaction of clients that appreciate you; I love being my own boss and having the ability to express my creativity at my whim; It is a passion words can't really explain the excitement after completing every face I attempt; The gratitude of a grateful client makes it all worth while and the money isn't too bad either; Makeup is my passion, an expression of my creativity, love when people look in the mirror and go WOW, driven by my love for it; I know I love to do it if even when it is free I perform as if I was getting paid pretty amounts of money.

Beauty Breeze Chat: Week 1

Here's the recap from the first beauty chat on twitter:

1)What are some of your new business practices that you have implemented for 2011? 
Feedback on the first question was: Follow up with past clients and ask for referrals, and have a solid marketing plan.

2)What lessons did you learn from 2010 that will make you a better entrepreneur and artist? Feedback on the second question: Divide goals into quarters, so every three months, work another portion of big picture plan. Success is never an accident; Learned to surround yourself with other artists, great way to learn new techniques, have a solid business/marketing plan.Don't be afraid to toot your own horn.

3)What makeup artist/ hair stylist do you admire the most and why? Feedback on the third question: Oh my, there's so many! The dynamic duo @SamFineBeauty & @oscarjameshair for print because they're so amazing. Admire artists like @mimijizzle because she inspires me to do better! Admire the artist around me and feed off of their energy. 

The Male Perspective: Meet Singer Roi Anthony

Ladies and gents I'm going to start highlighting some men in the entertainment and fashion industry and getting their perspective on what they define as beauty!

I'd like to kick this off with a talented singer/songwriter/producer that hails from the New Orleans, LA. Roi Anthony is no rookie to the mic as he has been singing/producing for such projects as Teen Nick/Sony artists, opening up for acts such as Mary J. Blige, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings and more! I got the chance to chat with him while he was on the road leaving Atlanta. Check out our interview as well as what he defines as true beauty.

MiMi J.: Tell me a lil about your style? Describe who you are and what your sound is?
Roi: My style is pretty much really eclectic and soulful. My new single, "Why Don't People Slow Dance" is reminiscent of the late 80s/early 90s when I was a youngster listening to groups like Troup and all of that good stuff. Trying to do something different from what's out there right now.

MiMi J.: So what's on your ipod right now?
Roi: Besides my respect Drake even before he signed with Young Money. I respect his hustle and his style. R&B side I'm really digging Jazmine Sullivan. They are some relevant influences right now.

MiMi J.: So tell me your perspective on a woman's beauty, what do you find attractive?
Roi: To me a beautiful woman if from inside then out. Personality and a beautiful heart. How she interacts with her friends and makes others around her feel good. Someone to bring to best out of me.

MiMi J.: What's your take on women wearing makeup?
Roi: Anything that makes a woman feel comfortable is fine with me. If she wants to enhance herself, I don't have a problem with it. Anyone who takes pride in themselves is the kind of woman I like. I'm from Louisiana so, there's a lot of beautiful woman down there! Real pretty girls! (laughs) Of course, I do want to wake up next to my woman and recognize her! A woman that doesn't have to put a lot of makeup on. I think I've found more beauty when she really natural.

MiMi J.: So you don't want a metamorphosis?
Roi: Na, not at all!

MiMi J.: Very well put. So back to your music, you have an album out?
Roi: Yes, my album is out. It's called "Who Am I?" So go check it out, if you want to hear some real R&B, soulful music!

MiMi J.: Will definitely check it out and I love the single. Can't wait to see you perform live and thanks so much!
Roi: No problem. In my NO voice "Baaaby"!

Check out Roi's video for "Why Don't People Slow Dance":

Beauty Breeze Chat

Hey Everyone, I created a really cool beauty chat on Twitter for makeup artist, hairstylists, and beauty enthusiasts! It occurs every Tuesday at 8pm est. Log on tonight!

Check out my video explaining how to sign on:

Top 5 Makeup Looks for Fall 2011

Here are some of the looks that I loved from scanning the Fall 2011 Fashion Week photos! Love to see that orange is still in the mix as well as bold colored lipstick! Also I notice the down-winged eyeliner which is pretty neat! Check out my top picks:

I Can Transform Ya!

Not like Chris Brown...but I can transform your face :) I started playing around in photoshop and came up with these before and after designs. Check them out!

Eye Candy: Lemonade

Here's a shot of some yellow eyemakeup with a splash of orange that I recently did for a photoshoot. I had fun with this one :)

Eye Shadows used:
MAC Chrome Yellow
MAC Gorgeous Gold
MAC Rule A36

Photography by Laretta Houston, Makeup by MiMi J.

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