Beauty Breeze Chat: Week 2

Here's a recap from Week 2 -"The Inner Artist":

 Q1) How would you describe your style or your signature look? What do you think sets you a part from others? Feedback on the first question was: Laid back, haute, chic, I usually look for unique or custom made pieces; Classic electric, simple sexy; My style is simplistic chic. I've been experimenting with color in makeup lately though; My style is exotic signature look is a smoky eye and bright red lips. My tattoos set me aside from everyone else; My makeup style is super clean and precise, I tend to lean towards structure.

Q2) Who are some of your style icons? Who inspires you artistically? Feedback on the second question was: Anna Della Russo; I inspire myself, my thoughts, my creativity all comes from me; Corinne Rae Bailey, I love her effortless style - All time favorite, Diana Ross; my signature style is carefree with a bit of edginess and I always find a way to infuse some bright bold color to make it fun; Don't judge me but I promise it is Michelle Obama and on my down time probably someone like Pink; I'd have to say for thecelebrity" list Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna also; Also the vintage screen icons from the 30s up, I buy a lot of bio reference books on vintage personalities; I found a lot of beautiful ladies that has the same passion as me; I messed up plenty of my mom's fashion fair lipstick as a kid! Lol, I fell in love with the red lips because my mom used to always apply it on herself and I adore her; Kim K, Rihanna, JLO, Beyonce, Dita Von Tess to name a few; I also love Nia Long's look. Always flawless.

Q3) How do you handle a client/photographer who doesn't seem to listen or take to your creative advice or vision?! Feedback on the third question was: If it is a paid job we just have to do what the client wants etc.; If it is a collaboration, then I find a midway where everyone is happy or just seriously say no way; You must find the balance between protecting integrity of your craft and the client's vision; It is best to tactfully speak up; You have to know where to stand firm and when to yield or compromise. Patience is always an asset.

Q4)  What do you love the most about what you do? What drives you? Feedback on the fourth question was: I love the freedom I have, love playing with products, mostly I love the reaction of clients that appreciate you; I love being my own boss and having the ability to express my creativity at my whim; It is a passion words can't really explain the excitement after completing every face I attempt; The gratitude of a grateful client makes it all worth while and the money isn't too bad either; Makeup is my passion, an expression of my creativity, love when people look in the mirror and go WOW, driven by my love for it; I know I love to do it if even when it is free I perform as if I was getting paid pretty amounts of money.

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