The Male Perspective: Meet Singer Roi Anthony

Ladies and gents I'm going to start highlighting some men in the entertainment and fashion industry and getting their perspective on what they define as beauty!

I'd like to kick this off with a talented singer/songwriter/producer that hails from the New Orleans, LA. Roi Anthony is no rookie to the mic as he has been singing/producing for such projects as Teen Nick/Sony artists, opening up for acts such as Mary J. Blige, Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings and more! I got the chance to chat with him while he was on the road leaving Atlanta. Check out our interview as well as what he defines as true beauty.

MiMi J.: Tell me a lil about your style? Describe who you are and what your sound is?
Roi: My style is pretty much really eclectic and soulful. My new single, "Why Don't People Slow Dance" is reminiscent of the late 80s/early 90s when I was a youngster listening to groups like Troup and all of that good stuff. Trying to do something different from what's out there right now.

MiMi J.: So what's on your ipod right now?
Roi: Besides my respect Drake even before he signed with Young Money. I respect his hustle and his style. R&B side I'm really digging Jazmine Sullivan. They are some relevant influences right now.

MiMi J.: So tell me your perspective on a woman's beauty, what do you find attractive?
Roi: To me a beautiful woman if from inside then out. Personality and a beautiful heart. How she interacts with her friends and makes others around her feel good. Someone to bring to best out of me.

MiMi J.: What's your take on women wearing makeup?
Roi: Anything that makes a woman feel comfortable is fine with me. If she wants to enhance herself, I don't have a problem with it. Anyone who takes pride in themselves is the kind of woman I like. I'm from Louisiana so, there's a lot of beautiful woman down there! Real pretty girls! (laughs) Of course, I do want to wake up next to my woman and recognize her! A woman that doesn't have to put a lot of makeup on. I think I've found more beauty when she really natural.

MiMi J.: So you don't want a metamorphosis?
Roi: Na, not at all!

MiMi J.: Very well put. So back to your music, you have an album out?
Roi: Yes, my album is out. It's called "Who Am I?" So go check it out, if you want to hear some real R&B, soulful music!

MiMi J.: Will definitely check it out and I love the single. Can't wait to see you perform live and thanks so much!
Roi: No problem. In my NO voice "Baaaby"!

Check out Roi's video for "Why Don't People Slow Dance":

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