I'm Inspired: Photographer Celeste Canino

Photographer Celeste Canino and Makeup Artist MiMi J

I recently took a trip to the west coast and I wanted to make sure that I got with some awesome folks whose work inspires me. While I was preparing for my visit, I was browsing through some photos online from LA photographers. Of course when you find an awesome photo, you have to find out who shot it right?!

Well my first photographer feature of "I'm Inspired" is of celebrity photographer Celeste Canino. Celeste hails from sunny Los Angeles, CA and her amazing group shots have been seen on various ads such as Planet Hollywood, American Apparel, and Windsor. She even got to be the featured photographer on this season's premiere of America's Next Top Model and shot all of the collateral for the show! How awesome is that?!

I caught up with Celeste during my trip to LA at Universal City Walk. Check out the interview I had with Celeste and check out http://www.celestegallery.com/! PS. you may see us collaborate in the near future! (*wink*)

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  1. I always find it strange when someone crosses my path more than once in a short amount of time...I JUST watched America's Next Top Model online a few minutes ago and took note of this photographer and here she is on your blog...that's awesome Mimi...you are doing great things and I'm sure there's much more to come.


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