I'm Inspired: Photographer Angela Marklew

This inspiration installment features a wonderful photographer that I met in LA, Angela Marklew! Her work is amazing and I know she's going to go far. I got a chance to speak with her about her start in photography, how she chooses her creative team, as well as her aspirations. I even got the chance to work with her on an impromptu shoot! :) Check out some of those photos from our shoot as well as my interview with Angela.


  1. Mimi! So great to meet and work with you, you are a doll..great energy and a skilled professional make-up artist. I LOVE the shots we did together with Angela, what is your email? I have some more photos I'd like to send you...


    Love + Light

  2. awww it was wonderful meeting and working with you too Alexandra! You're great :) info @ mimijonline.com


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