Mommy Makeup 101

So a friend of mine started an awesome blog called Mommies Goodies and I was asked to be a contributor and beauty correspondent. Sweet! I was planning on doing some postings for moms as I'm often asked for that type of content. Here's a snippet of my first blog on the site:

Makeup Essentials for Mommies

By: MiMi J., MommiesGoodies Beauty Lifeline and Contributor

Makeup Essentials for Mommies: Brand Suggestions

So you have little ones and time for yourself has drastically decreased. Well that doesn’t mean you have to lose your natural mommy glow!
Though I could spend hours writing about makeup techniques and products, I thought I’d give my quick must-have list for moms on the go who still want to add a little “glam factor” to their look.
I’ll give you some cost-effective, time-saving and practical tips to get the look you want even on the go!
So…let’s go!

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