Your V-Day Makeup Style

When it comes to Valentine's Day, its all about attracting that special person to your best features. Here are a few tips to draw them near:

Pucker up: Use a lipstick that won't kiss off easily. Also use a product that hydrates the lips. You want your lips to appear soft and kissable.

Eye Contact:  Draw them in with your eyes. Use hues that compliment your eye color. Also lightly rimming eyes with a grey or dark brown pencil may help to bring out your eye color.

Make Me Blush: Try a peachy or soft pink shade that will compliment your lip color.

Tempted to Touch: Soft, refreshed skin is the key. Shea butter is your friend. It doesn't leave a greasy residue, yet it gives off a nice sheen.

Brow Down: Don't go bold on the brows. Have them clean, but not dark and heavy.

Light As a Feather: You can add a little drama to the eyes or go for a bolder lip, but try not to overdo it. Avoid exaggerations and go lighter.

Bat Those Lashes: Not heavy, dramatic lashes,  but fun and flirty lashes with more emphasis on outer corners.

Try one of these V-Day Looks:
Romantic: pastel shimmers in eyes, rosy/peach cheeks, pink/peach lips

Seductive: Rimmed eyes, red lips

Sultry: smokey eyes, glossed lips

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