A Wonderful Letter

I recently did the makeup for a new client for her birthday celebration here in Atlanta and she wrote me a letter that would make any beauty professional appreciate their job! I'm so humbled to have received this and I definitely will read this anytime I need encouragement!

Hi MiMi,
Thank you so very much for making me look "POSH, PRETTY" for my 40th birthday! I have never looked more beautiful, not even on my wedding day. Where were you then? ;) I guess my husband and I will have to remarry just to take pictures again. You are the epitome of professionalism and I am so happy that Tracee recommended you to me. I received so many compliments on how beautiful I looked and I have you to thank. There's a new standard in make-up and I would venture to say that not many if any can compare to your craft. You have an amazing gift coupled with a beautiful spirit. Thank you again for leaving an imprint on my heart and making lasting memories.
See you real soon!

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