Male Grooming for TV: Game Change's Danny Strong

Back in March of this year, I had the pleasure of working with producer/writer/actor Danny Strong while he was in Atlanta promoting his controversial HBO movie GAME CHANGE. I did his grooming for his interviews with CBS Atlanta and CNN as well as the movie premiere.

Tips for male grooming for TV:
Most men want to look as natural as possible with no traces of makeup shown on camera. For Danny's grooming, I applied Makeup Forever HD foundation sparingly in a slightly darker shade so he didn't appear too pale in front of the camera. I used a small amount of concealer where necessary to cover any small spots/blemishes. I also set it with a small amount of loose translucent setting powder, and small amount of balm on the lips. That's about it! Check out the CNN interview to see how the makeup looks on camera and if the movie airs again it's actually a good one that set a HBO record for most views in the first weekend with over 3 million views! Check it out:

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