Achieving the Pregnancy Glow

Photo by Laretta Houston,
This may come to a shock to some, but yes I'm expecting!!! While I may just be a lucky girl to not have a lot of breakouts and sickness, I wanted to share some things that worked for me with achieving that "baby glow". I know there's a lot of old myths and wives tales that associate having the glow by the sex of the baby, but I think you may be able to control some of the issues. Here are some things I think that could help...

Symptoms of Pregnancy Concerning Skin:
- Dryness
- Breakouts
- Dullness/discoloration
- Dark spot - redness

  Tips to help combat these symptoms:
- Water, water, and more water! Isn't this the ageless beauty secret? Well not only will your skin need the water to flush out toxin and hydrate, but your baby will need it as well.
 - Don't skip out on the prenatal pills. Though these are really taken to provide nutrients to the baby, the Vitamin A and E are also great for skin and nails
- Eat more fruits and veggies. I was lucky to crave fruit all day and night! I also didn't eat and lot of meat which I think helped with my skin as well.
 - Don't skip out on a good skincare regime. You're skin is probably sensitive so make sure you regularly wash pillow cases and makeup utensils so that you don't transfer bacteria. Also be sure to wash your face day and night, moisturize, and exfoliate when appropriate.

 Lastly, as you know I'm big on the tinted moisturizer vs foundation. I mix my Bobbi Brown oil-free tinted moisturizer with my bronze radiance Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, layered over my oil-free Laura Mercier primer. I throw on MAC Fabulush on my cheeks, a little bronzer, mascara, concealer, then I'm out the door!

Hope this helps! Here's my maternity photos of me and my baby boy! :)

Photo by Laretta Houston

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