Winterproof Lips

If you are like me, in the winter I ALWAYS keep lipgloss in my purse. Well to be honest that's probably year round. But I especially keep my lips hydrated and protected so I don't get the case of "THE PEELS". In the past my lips have peeled for the worst during the winter months! So here are some tips to prevent this from happening:

1) never apply or reapply lipstick over peeling lips. This just makes it worse.

2) Try an exfoliant. I love Smashbox lip exfoliant and i keep it in my makeup kit.

3) Try a lip balm or gloss with vitamin E.

4) If you wear lipstick, make sure it has moisture and does not dry out your lips.

5) Water is your friend! A sign of dehydration is chapped lips, so drink up!

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