Giving Me The Blues! Blue Lipstick Trend

This trend has been on the rise since celebs like Amber Rose, Kesha, and Keyshia Coles were spotting rocking blue lipstick. I thought this this was one of those trends that would stay in photoshoots, but nope I've spotted some girls wearing them out and about! So if this is something that you want to rock as well here as a few brands to test to get the blue hue for your pout:

MAC Lipmix (you can make just about any color lipstick with these products)

Lime Crime No She Didn't Opaque Blue Lipstick

Also some costume stores and wet n wild brands might have them as well. Have fun!


1 comment:

  1. Looks cool on Amber and Keisha but I don't think every gal can pull it off


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